Go to epa.gov to report what appears to you as a possible violation of environmental laws and regulations. Information you submit will be forwarded to EPA environmental enforcement personnel or to the appropriate regulatory authority.

What EPA’s Enforcement Program Does

The mission of EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) is to improve the environment and protect human health by ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations, preventing pollution and promoting environmental stewardship. An effective environmental protection system requires a strong and vigorous enforcement program. Using an appropriate combination of enforcement and compliance assistance, we and our partners prevent and reduce pollution, thereby protecting human health and the environment.

How You Can Help

We invite you to help us protect our nation’s environment by identifying and reporting environmental violations. EPA’s Report an Environmental Violation website provides a way for you to report suspected environmental violations.

Assuring compliance with our nation’s environmental laws is one of EPA’s primary commitments. In carrying out this responsibility, we use many different approaches. One approach is to seek help from you by asking you to provide EPA with information about potentially harmful environmental activities in your communities and workplaces. Reports from the public have led to state and federal enforcement cases and ultimately served environmental protection well.

In its 35 years as a federal agency, EPA has changed the way each of us looks at how our own actions can make a difference. Most importantly, you, the public, are seeing yourselves as custodians of the nation’s environment, and have become aware of how your actions can affect the health and welfare of our communities.