Anti-Fracking Kit

The industrialization of the world has brought a rapid and increasing consumption of the planet’s resources. We face the challenge of global warming in different fronts and our decisions on how to more efficiently use energy could determine our survival in this planet. In our short history, we have destroyed too much, too fast and reverting it’s hard but hopefully not impossible.

Fracturing or “fracking”, consists of a technique to extract oil and natural gas from rock formations deep underground, by using water, sand and a cocktail of chemicals (many unknown) at high pressures, cracks are made from which the resources are taken to the surface. It brings many economic benefits, but the impact to the environment can not be underestimated or ignored.

The first booklet explains what fracking is about, its dangers and the alternatives we could develop.

The second booklet presents information on how people can fight fracking in their communities organizing more efficient coalitions.

Hydraulic Fracturing and the Energy Industry in the US

Opposing Fracking: Strategies and Resources for a Local Campaign

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