Since 1970 the production of oil and gas picked and it has been decreasing since then, meaning that is getting harder and harder to acquire those resources.

That being the case, the method of hydraulic fracturing or fracking has gone trough a boom, since it allows reaching new deposits of oil and gas, the former, being quite abundant in the US.

This has sprouted a bit controversy, as this method of extraction could create jobs and boost the economy, but at the same time it could cause irreparable damages to the environment and harm people’s health while not being regulated enough.

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Not a Fracking Chance is a thesis project that focuses on creating awareness on hydraulic fracturing or Fracking while providing tools to the common citizen to voice his/her concerns, create an environment of educated opinions and have a more meaningful discussion with the industry, policy makers and other citizens with different views.

By Juan Manuel Corredor: juancorredor.com

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