ACLU produced this guide for people like you: people who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe and those who may never have thought of themselves as protesters but who are forced into action to protect a precious freedom or right. Native Californian or newly arrived immigrant, student or worker, environmentalist or pro-choice activist—if you want to speak out, this guide is for you.

Produced by the ACLU of Northern California, January 2010. Written by Michael Risher, Alan Schlosser, and Rachel Swain. Edited by Laura Saponara. Designed by Gigi Pandian. Printed by Inkworks Press. Photos ACLU of Southern California: cover, inside cover, 3, 13, and 26; ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties: 30; Michael Rauner: 18; Michael Woolsey: 16. Cover photo Spring 1995, UCLA students protest the U.C. Board of Regents decision to end affirmative action programs for admissions throughout the network.

Download and print the guide here: Know your Rights.PDF